Anonymous asked:

wow why do you have so many canon urls like, it really isnt fair to the rest of us who work hard trying to find urls for months to no prevail...

im laughing really hard how do u think i got them? (hint: trying to find urls for months) its not unfair ur just unlucky lol

hey u ppl like pokemon so u should join this website. it only takes 5 seconds to join up

u get to search for legendary pokemon. u pick a starter, generic or otherwise like growlithe or pidgey, and there’s no level limit. every day you get a daily prize, and ever week you get a promotional pokemon (it’s darkeevee right now)

u can find pokemon in the wild, including shinies or other sparkly new colours, such as emerald sylveon and shadow tyrunt. it has all generations, and mega evolutions that stick around. the games been about for a long time (if u remember pokemon crater its similar to that. rest in peace pokemon crater, gone but not forgotten). a new, modern update it due though :0 !